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Sunday, July 24th, 2016


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Live Underwater Webcam Captures Rare & Endangered Sea Turtle (croatiaweek.com)
A live webcam, placed recently 5 metres underwater at Martinska near Šibenik on the Croatian coast, has captured a relatively rare and endangered loggerhead sea turtle… The underwater live cam, which was placed near Sibenik thanks to the Ruder Boškovic Institute and the Šibenik Meteo Association only a week ago, has been capturing some interesting goings on near the seabed of the Adriatic coast between Zadar and Split, particularly the most recent capture of the mature female loggerhead sea turtle going about its business.  more... 7/20/2016

Did NASA Cut Space Station Video Feed When UFO Was Entering Earth’s Atmosphere? (huffingtonpost.com)
Here we go again. It’s another UFO-sighted-in-space-before-NASA-cuts-the-video-feed story ? the kind that brings forth conspiracy theorists claiming the space agency is lying to the public. The latest tale goes like this: A live-streaming video from the International Space Station on July 9 captured an unexplained object descending from space, heading for Earth. Suddenly, as is often the case with such stories, the video feed was abruptly cut, showing an on-screen message about a temporary technical video glitch.  more... 7/13/2016

What's better than a webcam dedicated to the world’s longest burning lightbulb? (theverge.com)
Facebook re-popularized the live stream this year year with Facebook Live, a streaming video service that allows media companies and marketing teams to grovel for your attention in real time. Of course, the mindless live stream isn’t new. Live footage of meaningless events has been part of the internet long before Mark Zuckerberg had the idea to create an intra-college hook-up tool.  more... 7/10/2016



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