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Atlanta Pandas begin long journey to China (myfoxatlanta.com)
Giant pandas Xi Lan, age 5, and Po, 3, are on their way to one of the most anticipated milestones in the life of an Atlanta-born panda: a new start in their parents’ homeland. Lun Lun’s and Yang Yang’s second son and firstborn daughter are scheduled to depart Atlanta on May 7, 2014, en route to China’s Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding.  more... 5/1/2014

TIME-LAPSE VIDEO: Metrodome Demolition (kstp.com)
The Metrodome has been down for weeks, and on Thursday its final pieces will be trucked away. A lot of the Metrodome is being recycled; 80,000 tons of concrete will be used in other construction projects. Its roof cables and 4,500 tons of structural steel will also be recycled or reused.  more... 4/17/2014

Palm Beach County parents watching kids at day care via webcam (wptv.com)
Some Palm Beach County parents are better safeguarding their children with the click of computer mouse. High-tech child care is booting up across south Florida thanks to cameras that send live video to anywhere in the world. "There she is right there," said Lori Randell as she points to her computer screen. The Palm Beach Gardens working mother says she always has a handle on what her kids are up to. While her 4 year old daughter, Alexis, is at day care and while Randell is busy at work, this mother can watch her daughter's every move as it happens - via webcam. "Just to know that they are okay without having to pick up the phone a hundred times to check on them," said Randell.  more... 4/9/2014

New Sniper’s Eye View At The Sixth Floor Museum (dfw.cbslocal.com)
The Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas has installed a live high definition webcam which allows viewers to see what alleged JFK-assassin Lee Harvey Oswald saw in 1963. The webcame, installed by Earthcam, is in the southeast window on the sixth floor of the former Texas School Book Depository Building in Dallas. “What the camera view shows is Elm Street, where the shooting occurred. And it shows a little part of Houston Street just to give people an understanding of the place,” said Longtime museum curator Gary Mack.  more... 4/9/2014

This is The Easiest Way To Learn A Language Yet - And All It Takes is a Webcam (policymic.com)
We've all been there: sitting through countless language classes, whether they were high school requirements or curious forays in college. Memorizing words? Done. Reading and writing? We got through it with some help. But trying to speak coherently? That became a different story altogether. The benefits of learning a language can't be dismissed. There are cognitive gains, it improves your English and can give you a leg up in the business world. Even Mark Zuckerberg is doing it. But when push comes to shove, you need to be capable of maintaining conversations with others - not simply recognizing popular words or phrases.  more... 4/4/2014



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