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EarthCam Expands Professional Webcam Technology, Software and Construction Photography Services (hispanicbusiness.com)
In the spirit of continuous innovation and to mark its 17 years of success in the industry, EarthCam.net – the construction camera technology experts – is launching an updated and enhanced version of its Control Center 7 Software. A key feature of the Control Center upgrade to version 7.11 is the new tools for interior, exterior and foundation imaging, providing construction professionals with an indisputable record of pre-existing and as-built conditions. EarthCam’s Software as a Service (SaaS) benefits users by empowering them with the ability to quickly upload high resolution inspection-grade, geotagged images from any jobsite to building plans, engineering and architectural drawings. New innovative tools to EarthCam’s construction photography documentation software are automated geotagged punch lists, enhanced image management, marketing presentations and an expanded mobile app. With the image management tools, users can seamlessly store, view and manage all of their jobsite images in one central location. Easy-to-use search filters allow the user to view any specific set of images for collaboration or public promotion. Since the photos are geotagged, they are easily integrated with popular online maps and photo sharing websites including Google Maps and Flickr.  more... 8/30/2013

EarthCam Premieres World’s First TV Channel Devoted to Live HD Destination Webcams (digitaljournal.com)
What if you could enjoy 20 breathtaking sunsets a day? EarthCam, the world’s favorite live webcam network, is making that a reality by stepping beyond the boundaries of simply streaming individual webcams with a new and exciting offering – EarthCamTV. This 24-hour live “TV channel” features the best views from the webcam network’s collection of global cameras all in one place in a programmed lineup.  more... 8/28/2013

GPS & webcams to track doctors (telegraphindia.com)
Technology will try to cure the malaise that ails healthcare in Jharkhand’s hinterland - absentee medical staff. Starting September 2, the state will roll out a fleet of 274 ambulances equipped with global positioning system (GPS) and webcams across districts to keep tabs on whether healthcare officials visit remote panchayats or not, state health minister Rajendra Prasad Singh said today. The minister, now in Jamshedpur, spoke to The Telegraph at the Circuit House on this ambitious plan to pin accountability on civil surgeons across all 24 districts.  more... 8/26/2013

Welcome Back: A Warhol-esque project, starring Andy Warhol (pittnews.com)
Brian Cury likes to tell people that he enjoys bringing postcard views to life, and as the founder and CEO of EarthCam, he gets to do just that. The company maintains and operates live webcam feeds of famous locations such as Times Square and Abbey Road Studios.  more... 8/19/2013

Can Your Webcam Cure You? (fitsugar.com)
While Google is no doctor, it's becoming one of the best ways to get in touch with one. For minor health concerns, the Internet (and your webcam) is a great way to contact MDs and nurse practitioners at a moment's notice. While serious emergencies should be taken to the ER and self-diagnosing should be done with caution, these five websites can help answer your health questions and put you in touch with a doc 24/7 - no paper gown necessary.  more... 8/19/2013

How to: make a microscope from a webcam (bbc.co.uk)
Create a high-powered microscope from a cheap webcam by following Mark's simple step-by-step instructions. Because your microscope is connected to your computer, you can save and share your images easily.  more... 8/8/2013

Happy Birthday Andy! EarthCam, Warhol Museum Stream Live from Artist’s Grave (mediabistro.com)
Raise your Warhol-themed bottle of Perrier, because Andy would have turned 85 today. We think the artist would have gotten a kick out of one morbid, panoptical take on a birthday party: live-streaming footage from his elaborately landscaped Pittsburgh gravesite. The footage–which is also available in high-definition 16-megapixel and pop art-style formats–is a collaboration among EarthCam, the Andy Warhol Museum, and St. John Chrystostom Byzantine Catholic Church (home to a temporary “ChurchCam” in honor of the birthday boy, who was baptized there).  more... 8/6/2013

Celebrate Andy Warhol's 85th birthday today with live EarthCam gravesite webcam (artdaily.org/)
EarthCam, The Andy Warhol Museum and St. John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church have teamed up to launch an interactive art project consisting of multiple live and megapixel webcams around Andy Warhol’s hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. The project, titled Figment, is opening in commemoration of Andy’s 85th birthday tomorrow, August 6th. When viewers go to http://www.earthcam.com/warhol, they will gain virtual access to visit Andy Warhol’s final resting place with live streaming video and high-definition 16 megapixel images. Online visitors will be given a real life “pop art” experience with Warholian image effects and color pallets integrated into snapshots of the gravesite, each photo creating truly unique webcam art. The FigmentCam Live is equipped with a microphone that also allows viewers to hear the surroundings and visitors at the gravesite.   more... 8/6/2013

Doctor house calls coming via webcam (courierpress.com)
Patients someday might skip the waiting room to see their doctor by a video visit. The prevalence of telemedicine interaction between medical providers, or between doctors and patients in remote settings, is expected to move into the mainstream. It could include using Skype or some other video system between doctors and patients for a new generation of house calls. “Most office visits don’t need to be face to face,” said Dr. Allen Weiss, president and chief executive officer of the NCH Healthcare System in Florida. “Instead of someone running for an office visit, a quick electronic visit can take less time.”  more... 8/5/2013

EarthCam To Honor Andy Warhol By Live Streaming His Grave, In Pop Art Style (huffingtonpost.com)
The live steaming website EarthCam and the Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh have teamed up to present "Figment," a collaborative multimedia project that will include a live feed of Warhol's grave with sound (though we wonder what said "sounds" will consist of), as well as a live streaming webcam (also with sound) of St. John Chrysostom Byzantine Catholic Church, where Warhol was baptized.  more... 8/5/2013

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