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New Work Zone Safety, Dredging Systems, Desert and Advanced Cameras Announced

Software and Camera Technology Breakthroughs Top EarthCam 2010 Product Lineup


New York, December 10, 2009 -- EarthCam, the international webcam technology experts, today announced an innovative 2010 Product Line filled with new engineering solutions for projects ranging from major construction and highway work zone monitoring, to port and waterway dredging.

“Our research team developed new products in response to customer and industry polling as well as our own installation and management experience in some of the world’s most demanding locations. “ said Brian Cury, CEO and Founder. “With the new 2010 line supplementing our already versatile product and custom software we can meet the physical location, weather and budget demands of any jobsite .” The 2010 line includes two added software packages for live control, visual documentation and management of work zone safety on highway projects and “Silent Inspector “compatible systems for marine dredging operations. New camera advances include a camera able to withstand harsh desert conditions, a full motion streaming H.264 video camera in standard and HD formats and systems exclusively designed to take full advantage of the latest solar and wireless technology.

A selection of the new products includes:

Work Zone Safety - Traffic management System

The system provides traffic monitoring, archiving and automatically generated information for public travel time estimates and alerts. It also documents traffic patterns and shares information. The new product includes a new heavy-duty TrailerCam with mounted webcams and multi-lane detection sensors.

Mobile TrailerCam Advanced

A solar-powered, rugged, wind and weather-resistant trailer features a live robotic dome camera and optional digital detection equipment to monitor and manage traffic flow. It is powered by EarthCam software that features dynamic visualization and flow graphs of density, volume, speed and vehicle class by lane for up to 10 lanes. Selectable triggers activate roadside message board information, and generate email and on line alerts.

DredgeCam and ScowCam

These robotic camera systems are designed specifically to withstand weather and the harsh environment encountered in harbors and ports. The camera is engineered by EarthCam to comply with the Army Corps of Engineers Silent Inspector monitoring and data archiving system. The robotic Camera features a heavy-duty housing, powerful 420x zoom, windshield wiper, and multiple preset archiving for documentation with optional wireless and solar systems. StreamCam HD & H.264 with Audio A fixed position High Definition H.264 streaming network camera system that can transmit multiple, individually configured, simultaneous video streams at high frame rates. The highly efficient compression of the H.264 system yields broadcast quality video. Applications include tourism, home and office monitoring and small construction projects. It is also available in a standard definition model.


DesertCam is a new stand-alone modular system designed for quick installation and rapid re-location. The electronics and housing are engineered wireless, solar-powered systems are built of the most durable materials available. The demands of temperature extremes, the need for independent power, and constant web communications in the isolated environment are easily met by this system. An automated maintenance system including a washer and wiper system insures reliable performance. .

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EarthCam is recognized internationally for complete infrastructure services to manage, host and maintain live streaming public and private, password-protected network camera systems delivering millions of images daily. Clients in more than 1,500 cities, in all 50 states and 46 countries rely on EarthCam webcam systems. With more than 13 years experience the company’s expertise includes developing products and software to maintain thousands of applications in locations including sub-zero, desert environments and isolated locations for industry, federal, state and local government. Corporate and industry clients include Turner Construction, Bovis Lend Lease, Skanska USA, Forest City Ratner Companies, The URS Corporation, Lockheed Martin, Sprint, Toyota, Coca-Cola, and Yahoo! Media and entertainment clients include Clear Channel Communications, Public Broadcasting System (PBS.), ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, the Weather Channel, Discovery Channel, CNN, MTV, Major League Baseball, NFL, This Old House, and the Public Broadcasting System (PBS). Yahoo! Government clients include 28 state departments of transportation including Caltrans, the New York City DOT, New Jersey DOT, and Maine DOT, as well as the City of Raleigh, Chicago Streets & Sanitation, the Canadian Ministry of Transportation, NASA, the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, and the GSA (#GS-35F-0719P).

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