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EarthCam's Webcam Technology Broadcasts John Lennon Imagine Peace Tower Message Worldwide


New York, December 6, 2010 -- EarthCam ( the world's premiere webcam network since 1996, lends its expert hand in commemorating the life of John Lennon with the Imagine Peace Tower webcam on Viðey Island in Reykjavík, Iceland.

The Imagine Peace Tower (, a tower of light conceived by Yoko Ono in memory of John symbolizes Lennon’s and Ono’s continuing campaign for world peace. The Imagine Peace Tower is composed of a tall shimmering tower of light that appears every year and is visible from October 9th (John’s birthday) until December 8th (this year, the 30th anniversary of his death) and several other occasions during the calendar year. The tower will be dark starting December 8th but will light again on Christmas.

To deliver this unique work of lighting art to the world, EarthCam utilized its 12 MegapixelCam Advanced High Definition Camera System with a heavy-duty enclosure including a heater and wiper to endure Icelandic winters of ice, high winds and blizzards keeping the camera functioning as needed. The camera offers a live view of the mesmerizing light capturing the strength, intensity and brilliance as it continually changes with the prevailing weather unique to Iceland, creating a clear pillar of light. There are also the brilliant reflections of iridescence through moving layers of clouds and the magnificence of The Northern Lights.

These same continually-changing weather and atmospheric conditions are a real technical dilemma for a live camera. Major programming was necessary by EarthCam's team of engineers to get the camera to adapt to the constant lighting and atmospheric adjustments. During the day the camera's auto exposure with a shutter speed of as little as 1/1000 of a second works just fine most days. But as you head into dusk that exposure must adjust and lengthen depending on natural light and weather conditions. The program adjusts constantly for any lighting and weather issues, opening the aperture for a single exposure for as long as 30 seconds presenting crystal clear images yet ensuring the images never get over-exposed.

“’We were honored to provide our webcam ingenuity to this project which enables the beauty and inspiration of The Imagine Peace Tower to be shared with the world,” said Brian Cury, Founder and CEO of EarthCam. “We are extremely satisfied to know we play a role in bringing this extraordinary outdoor art to people around the world via their computers and mobile devices. Our camera gives everyone the opportunity to observe the tower live in Iceland, a place most people will never get the chance to visit in person.”

"Imagine Peace Tower is a Tower of Light which emanates wisdom, healing and joy,” says Yoko. “It communicates awareness to the whole world that peace & love is what connects all lives on Earth. I hope the Imagine Peace Tower will give light to the strong wishes of World Peace from all corners of the planet and give encouragement, inspiration and a sense of solidarity in a world now filled with fear and confusion. Let us come together to realize a peaceful world."

EarthCam is the global leader in webcam technology and software. Founded in 1996, EarthCam provides live streaming video and megapixel cameras, along with complete managed services for consumers and corporate clients in more than 1,500 cities and 46 countries around the world. The company’s expertise includes developing technology to manage camera networks and delivering millions of images daily to over 192 countries. EarthCam holds the expertise and knowledge to offer consumers the ability to view, create and share webcam content at anytime and in any location in the world, including the Abbey Road Crossing for Abbey Road Studios.

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