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EarthCam Webcams Showcase New Year's Eve Around the World

Celebrate with New Live Locations and Updated App Features


New York, December 29, 2012 -- Join EarthCam on December 31st for the biggest party of the year...New Year's Eve! Now with new exciting locations, EarthCam's global camera network brings everyone to the heart of the excitement in Times Square and countries around the world including Hungary, Japan and the UK with live streaming views and the sounds of the final countdown to midnight. Stay tuned for EarthCam's live webcast, beginning on Monday at 10:00pm EST.

EarthCam delivers the fun and excitement of New Year's Eve with their collection of live streaming webcams at the world-famous “Crossroads of the World” in New York City. Watch as partiers gather in the streets from their webcams perched high above the sidewalk. EarthCam's new collection of live HD streaming webcams deliver a completely fresh perspective of Times Square, showcasing unique angles of popular and famous locations throughout the center of the city.

Visitors will be able to ring in 2013 from some of EarthCam's most popular tourism cameras in the US and internationally. A streaming video tour of the parties in New Orleans, Las Vegas, Miami and more capture the festivities in the U.S. Viewers can also join parties around the world and enjoy the celebrations in real-time from Amsterdam, Jamaica, Sao Paulo, Sydney, Dublin and many others.

The live video feeds and event updates will be posted on EarthCam's Facebook and Twitter pages, giving fans another way to connect and see all the fun in Times Square. One of EarthCam's most popular Times Square webcams will also be simultaneously streamed on Ustream, enabling viewers to embed the feed on their own website.

Celebrate New Year's Eve on-the-go with EarthCam's exclusive mobile New Year's application. Users will see views from the live streaming cameras, allowing them to bring the sounds of Times Square and over 40 other locations with them wherever they go. The app offers a virtual countdown clock to track the minutes until midnight in each city. Users can pull up an interactive map to pinpoint their location and see how far they are from one of EarthCam's Times Square cameras. Users can also step into a virtual photo booth, wear fun costumes and instantly send the pictures to their friends via Facebook and Twitter. Another cool feature of this app is the ability to ring in the New Year by turning any iPhone into a New Year's party noise maker, with special sound effects including horns, cheers and the classic Auld Lang Syne.

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EarthCam is the global leader in delivering world class webcam content, technology and services. Founded in 1996, EarthCam provides time-lapse megapixel cameras, live streaming video and complete managed services for corporate and government clients in more than 1,500 international cities. With numerous applications in the construction, transportation, entertainment and tourism industries, EarthCam's revolutionary camera systems deliver superior HD clarity, monitoring, documenting and archiving of the world's most important projects and events.

The award winning company hosts many highly trafficked tourism cams, which offer views of popular locations and landmarks such as Times Square, the Las Vegas Sign, Abbey Road Crossing in London and Hagia Sophia in Istanbul.

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