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EarthCam Launches New Webcam with Live Views of Harbor Seals

First and Only Live Seal Webcam on the West Coast


New York, January 31, 2013 -- EarthCam, The Western Alliance for Nature and The City of San Diego launched a new live streaming webcam with views of a Harbor Seal rookery in La Jolla, California.

This rookery in La Jolla is the only southern California mainland harbor seal rookery south of Ventura County some 200 miles to the north and is the southernmost harbor seal rookery in the United States. It is also unique because it is located in a highly urbanized area. Harbor Seals use the rookery beach for hauling out, resting and re-oxygenating every 24 hours of the year and for bearing and raising their young. Pupping and nursing also occur here every year, with about 40 pups born mostly at night during February and March. This camera is equipped with infrared so that the seals may be viewed at night. Viewers to the webcam may be fortunate enough to view a live birth and the nursing and care of the newborn pups. EarthCam invites people from all over the world to be a part of this miracle with views from this live streaming HD webcam.

The Western Alliance for Nature’s mission is to save threatened habitats and preserve biodiversity through conservation of the natural heritage for generations of children and the children of all species. EarthCam is proud to be a part of these important efforts as part of their ongoing initiatives to bring people around the world to places and experiences they may never see firsthand so that they may appreciate the magnificence of nature.

“We have created this seal cam so that those of you who are interested in the seals will have the opportunity to view them, even if you are unable to come to La Jolla”, said Larry Wan, WAN Conservancy Founder. “Hopefully, one day you will have the chance to see the seals in person, but until you do, we hope you enjoy your seal cam experience.”

Live streaming views of California's Harbor Seals can be enjoyed 24/7 by visiting Learn more about WAN at

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