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EarthCam Honors JFK with Exclusive Webcam Experience from the Sniper’s Perch

View Through the 6th Floor Window on the 50th Anniversary of the Assassination


New York, November 20, 2013 -- Where’s the only place where viewers can virtually step up to the 6th floor window and peer out on Dealey Plaza – the scene of President John F. Kennedy’s assassination? EarthCam, the leaders in innovative webcam technology, have partnered with the Sixth Floor Museum to honor JFK in a special way by inviting people around the world to learn about the events of that fateful day with its live streaming webcam.

The unique webcam grants access to the 6th floor window – also known as the “sniper’s perch” – an area that is closed off to the public. The EarthCam lens grants unrestricted access to this infamous location and delivers the only perspective of Dealey Plaza identical to the one gazed upon by the alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald.

“Since 1999, we have been delivering this one-of-a-kind view through the lens of our camera to millions of worldwide visitors,” said Brian Cury, CEO and Founder of EarthCam. “The perspective transports the viewer to 1963 to reflect on this important moment in American history and remains one of our most powerful views – one that is frozen in time.”

EarthCam’s live webcam at the Sixth Floor Museum delivers an unmatched viewing experience and serves as a completely innovative tool for education and exploration. The camera, which is perched in the southeast window on the 6th floor of the former Texas School Book Depository, features the only live view from where the sniper allegedly shot the 35th president. Viewers can decide if it was plausible that the gunman acted alone or if the multiple-shooter theory stands.

The assassination of JFK on that tragic day in late November 1963 is the most famous shot heard – and seen – round the world. The Dealey Plaza Cam offers viewers multiple perspectives of the location on Elm Street where JFK was shot, including the grassy knoll, the reflecting pool and Houston Street, the road that JFK was on prior to turning left on Elm Street.

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