Press Release Launches New Version of its Construction Camera Software

Control Center 7 Leads the Way with Creative Features and Valuable Tools


New York, September 7, 2014 -- EarthCam, the innovators in construction camera technology, has introduced the newest version of its Control Center 7 software. Including advanced analytics and powerful imaging tools, the updates take Version 12 of EarthCam’s software to another level and provide critical information to support management and documentation of any project.

A significant addition to Control Center 7 is heightened support for third party APIs to display their data with real-time images. This enhancement makes it easier for users to integrate their webcam images, progress data and information from additional devices with their project management software. For example, teams working on a concrete pour will benefit from live video of the pour, data regarding the amount of cubic yards of concrete poured and the current weather conditions from an onsite weather station. With the addition of onsite hardware, such as EarthCam’s new Weather Station Kit, users will receive real-time stats regarding wind direction and speed, temperature and barometric pressure for their exact location instead of the nearest airport. This information allows project teams to ensure they are in compliance with safety standards, crucial for any construction activity, including crane operation and asbestos abatement.

“Our software upgrades empower a single camera with the ability to multi-task and perform the job of multiple professionals in a cost-effective way. These innovative features provide users with the smartest tools available to make informed decisions regarding their jobsite activities and construction process,” said Brian Cury, CEO and Founder of EarthCam. “These enhancements demonstrate our commitment to the industry and we will continue to deliver as construction techniques evolve.”

Important improvements were also made with regard to live streaming video and megapixel imagery support. Clients now have the ability to share super high resolution 1080i video streams from cameras that are traditionally used for time-lapse photography. With video on demand, users can schedule an automated clip capture to document and archive daily jobsite activities. With the new added benefit of rapid archiving, customers can capture a high resolution image as fast as every 3 seconds. This feature is perfectly suited for creating time-lapse movies of events that take place over a short period of time, such as demolition or a rapid bridge replacement. Another enhancement allows EarthCam’s live streaming ConstructionCam HD to support multi-layer panoramas up to an impressive 240 megapixels in size, ten times larger than the standard panorama – impressive for a traditionally low-resolution video camera. All of these combined features are advancing the construction industry’s capabilities to easily document their projects in a useful way.

EarthCam’s Control Center 7.12 also includes features that enhance the general user experience, including an improved project dashboard and added management ability for project administrators. These additions to the robust software-as-a-service (SaaS) are helpful tools for the management process and aid with team member communications.

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EarthCam is the global leader in delivering webcam content, technology and services. Founded in 1996, EarthCam provides live streaming video and time-lapse construction cameras for corporate and government clients in major cities around the world. EarthCam's revolutionary gigapixel camera systems deliver superior billion pixel clarity for monitoring and archiving the world's most important projects and events. Most recently, EarthCam launched ConstructionCamTV, a new 24-hour “TV channel” devoted to live construction cameras and educational time-lapse movies. In 2013, EarthCam’s technology documented more than $120,000,000,000 of construction work.

Projects documented by EarthCam include: National September 11 Memorial & Museum, Barclays Center, San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge, Statue of Liberty and Washington Monument Restoration, New NY Bridge, Panama Canal Expansion, Smithsonian Institution Restoration, Brickell City Centre, Minnesota Vikings Stadium, Disneyland, Los Angeles International Airport, DenverStation, George W. Bush Presidential Center, Whitney Museum of American Art, Louvre in Abu Dhabi, Levi’s Stadium and National Museum of African American History and Culture.

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