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EarthCam Showcases Their Traffic Management Software at ITS America


New York, April 21, 2013 -- EarthCam, the webcam technology experts for safe work zone monitoring and traffic management, are in Nashville, Tennessee to demonstrate their camera solutions and advanced software for the transportation industry at the ITS America Annual Meeting & Expo, April 22 & 23.

EarthCam's intuitive Traffic Management Software is trusted nationwide by DOT industry professionals seeking to monitor roadway and work zone conditions, while being able to analyze activity and generate reports. EarthCam's software produces a dynamic multi-lane visualization of the client's roadway project. The smart tools are able to track 260 data points instantly and displays live and archived information, including density, volume, speed, gap and vehicle class for up to 10 lanes of traffic. Software parameters can also be set to alert traffic operations, as well as to update NTCIP compliant Dynamic Message Signs to alert the public to changing traffic conditions.

The software is also optimized for HOV compliance. Users can easily track and analyze the flow of traffic in High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes. DOTs can easily monitor motorist compliance and effectively reduce HOV lane violations. Based on generated data reports, users can determine when the lane is needed in order to accommodate the amount of vehicles on the road at any given time.

Using the software, transportation authorities are able to view their cameras live in their traffic operations center and share live streaming video or HD images on their public website or 511 page. DOTs also have the option to tie into social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, to share notifications with the public and aid in enhanced communications with the community.

EarthCam's software makes it easy for project executives to customize and configure data reports. All of the information generated and archived through the Traffic Management Software can be exported to Excel, to be shared with engineers. Users can select the date range for which the information is collected and group the data to be displayed.


EarthCam is the recognized global leader in providing webcam content, technology and services to business and government agencies. The company, which started in 1996, offers construction webcam technology and services to some of the largest international construction companies and developers in the world. 36 State Departments of Transportation and 80 of the Top 100 construction companies rely on EarthCam's expertise to monitor and document their projects. Industry clients include: TxDOT, Caltrans, the New York City DOT, New Jersey DOT, Maine Turnpike Authority, Iowa DOT, Wisconsin DOT, Virginia DOT and the Canadian Ministry of Transportation.

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